How Disney+ Ruined The Simpsons

Published on June 25, 2020

Disney Plus Didn Not Do The Simpsons Justice
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While The Simpsons might not be up to the same standard that it used to be, there’s no denying that those early episodes are some of the best. And lucky for us, now every episode is on the new Disney Plus streaming service! But wait a second, it’s not all good news. A ton of fans have complained about how the show has been cropped from its original 4:3 aspect ratio, to the newer, 16:9.
If these numbers mean nothing to you, we can help clarify why this is actually kind of a big deal. Way back in the beginning, TV’s were all pretty much squares. The square ratio is known as 4:3, and was standard for a long time. And then, when movies started playing around with different lenses and sizes, the more common, wider ratio became 16:9. The thing is, when the standard changed to wider, most networks figured they could just crop the old shows into a widescreen format.
But, for shows like The Simpsons, these crops mattered! The show is so full of amazing gags and art filling every corner of their square frame, that when you chop off the top and bottom you lose so much! And that’s exactly what Disney Plus has done to twenty seasons of this legendary show. Hopefully they figure out how to fix it, because when Fox tried to do the same back in 2014, the fans didn’t keep quiet about it! And we doubt they will today.

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