HMV: Forest of No Return

Published on October 27, 2021

What up peeps? Your girl Yumi here with you guested it. Another Halloween video for you guys. Now, Before I go babbling on about what’s taking place in this video, I’m just gonna say that I have not seen the movie that thing song is from. Whoever, I do plan on watching Babes in Toyland in the near future. I did hear it’s a pretty underrated Disney movie and not a lot of people talk about it often. So with that being said. In this video, Rick, Summer, Morty and the Mane 6 along with Sunset Shimmer and Sci Twi head into the everfree forest to see if they can find Yumi (Me) and Neighsay but instead. They run into Grogar and the other villains that plan on scaring them leaving. Will our hero’s be able to rescue Neighsay and I before Aku’s master plan is put into action? Watch and find out.

Disclaimer: All rights to Rick and Morty belongs to Justin Roiland, Dan Harmon and Adult Swim. All rights to My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro and DHX Media. All rights to Samurai Jack belongs to Cartoon Network and Gennedy Tartakovsky. All rights to The Nightmare Before Christmas belongs to Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone Pictures and Tim Burton. All rights to the intro song used in the video belongs to Danny Elfman and Walt Disney Records. All rights to Batman: The Animated Series belongs to Warner Bros. Entertainment and DC. All rights to the song used in the video belongs to Walt Disney Records. All rights to Sleeping Beauty, 101 Dalmatians and The Little Mermaid belongs to Walt Disney Animation Studios. All rights to Babes in Toyland belongs to Walt Disney Pictures. My Rick and Morty OC Yumi Smith belongs to me.

Note: My videos are for mature audiences ONLY and are NOT intended for children!

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