Hate me | Invader Zim

Published on November 24, 2021

Song: Nico Collins – Hate me

The normal amount of pictures I draw for a video is between 60 – 100.. And until now the once with over 100 had no shading and a lot simpler backgrounds.

So this one, with a total of 122 pictures, completely shaded and lots of backgrounds is my proudest work so far!
But I would lie, if I say, that this project didn’t push me to my current limits. There were many moments, where I felt really overwhelmed and as if finishing it would be impossible. But I’ve done a few of animatics pff so I kinda knew to just keep pushing and then.. it was suddenly done.

I started this project back in august but I did take a break of a month, so in total, this took me 3 months of working daily on it.

I really wanted to practice my background drawing skill and so I kinda neglected my lines a little (one step at a time pff otherwise this would have taken at least another month) but I’m thinking of practicing them in my next animatic.
But like always there is a good third of pictures I would love to just.. completely redraw but I have to be honest with myself and it’s looking fine. I rather start a new project and apply there what I learned through the making of this video :3

(Also- please don’t judge the way I drew Dib and Zim too much! Dib was literally my first human (besides my persona) in years and I never was good at drawing hair. You can clearly see what pictures I linearted first because all of them look like, Dib’s having a bad hair day)

My Tumblr: https://creepypso.tumblr.com/
My Deviantart: https://creepypso.deviantart.com/

My Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/creepypso

Art program: Paint Tool Sai
Video editing program: Vegas

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