Habit Meme (Rick and Morty 5489-BB)

Published on January 14, 2020

It sucks, I know.
This is the last animation I’m posting here.
Last video.
Also, tell me if I have improved, or I’m still incredibly terrible at animating.

Many of you have heard of Baldi’s Basics and Rick and Morty, right?
If not, that’s ok. Just search it up.
In this dimension, 5489-BB, Rick and Morty are 33 and they have the roles of 1st Prize and Baldi from Baldis Basics in education and learning. This Morty is female, to be clear. Many have mistaken her gender and she have had to smack a few kids with her steal ruler.
Any questions about the dimension and the characters?
ask them in the comments section, and I won’t answer them.
follow me on framecast @Baldi5489-BB
You’ll see more animating and activity there.
I’m going to be non-active here because I’m cringe to me.

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