Futurama Intro Arabic Spacetoon (read description) – فيوتشوراما الافتتاح العربي

Published on November 24, 2021

Enjoy the full chapter “Space Pilot 3000”, in Arabic, at this link: https://www.stardima.com/watch/futurama-فوتوراما-مدبلج-الحلقة-1_b23dac2b0.html

This is the intro of what is possibly the most arch-censored version of Futurama. This series was broadcast in Arab countries by a children’s channel (yes, children’s) called Spacetoon, and it was so censored, that the plot of the animated series was massacred to the full, and without exaggeration. And not only sexual things and gore, but anything that violates the most extreme Muslim values, such as Leela’s arms, becuase she wears put a kind of purple shirt under her recognized sleeveless shirt to hide them, well, absurdly. The big executioner here is Venus Center, a Syrian dubbing studio that’s kind of like ‘Arabic 4kids’, censoring all the animated shows it wants, from anime to cartoons, to suit average Muslim kids, or those of the more extreme families rather.

If you notice, even this simple intro is censored, specifically:
– Possibly the title of the series is censored, this because the video published here was cut, as can be seen here. In episodes on the Internet, they usually do not include this intro, and the show only begins with a title screen with the chapter number, and a frame from the same series, where it is shown to an audience in an auditorium, which is very rustic (can be seen in this video, at minute 0:20, although in this one, the public is covered by a black bar -it has black bars above and below, I don’t know why-, and in it appears the number ‘1 ‘).
-The traditional sequence of announcements that appear while the spacecraft is flying, along with the transport tubes of the New New York are censored, and instead they put a random clip of Bender dancing, and a panorama of Planet Express. Why was it censored? I have no idea.
-The names of the executive producer and the creator (Matt Groening, David X. Cohen), are censored on the giant television set.

Well, this is only a small part of the massacre of Arabic censorship, and how absurd it can become.

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