Futurama: Every Character Ranked By Their Intelligence

Published on November 22, 2021

These Futurama Characters Are Smarter Than You Think
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Intelligence is a fickle thing in the year 3000. You could be the top of your class at Mars University one day and a stooge to Zapp Brannigan the next.

Still, the main cast tends to display some kind of baseline intelligence (unless they are gifted brain slug by Hermes). We here at The Binger thought it’d be a great idea to rank the main cast based on this attribute. Obviously, you all know who is likely to be number ten. Hint: his name rhymes with “bill up bay bye”. Even if you know that one is coming, we can promise you this list is full of surprises. Bender is in the most unpredictable location and even Amy ends up in a surprise spot. Fans of the show will love reliving some of the bright and not-so-bright moments from their favorite characters.

Hop on the Planet Express and see just which crew member is truly the smartest on the latest video from The Binger!

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