Fugget About It – Best of Season 2 (Full Episode Compilation)

Published on October 20, 2021

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Check out the top 5 episodes from Fugget About It Season 2!

00:00 – From My Cold Limp Hands (207)
Jimmy has an identity crisis when McCool forces him to give up his guns.

20:30 – Too Cool For Night School (203)
Jimmy’s job at the tourism bureau is in jeopardy because he doesn’t have a high school diploma, so Jimmy enrolls in night school and starts acting like a teenager.

41:17 – Pizza with Extra Cheech (213)
Jimmy discovers a consultant on a film shooting in Regina is passing himself off as Cheech Falcone.

01:01:59 – The Balls on this Room (210)
Jimmy winds up being stalked by his Russian dance partner after he and Cookie face-off in a ballroom dancing contest.

01:22:32 – The Broadfather (204)
Jimmy goes through a crisis when he meets his long-lost father – who abandoned Jimmy years earlier to become a woman.


Fugget About It is a new animated comedy sitcom about the misadventures of Jimmy Falcone. Jimmy is a former New York mob boss, who goes from feared capo to friendly Canuck when he and his family enter the witness protection program in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. After Jimmy is asked by his associates in the Gambini crime family to whack his good old Uncle Cheech (who routinely spills mob secrets to any half naked woman he encounters), Jimmy goes to mob boss Don Gambini to plead his uncle’s case. When nothing comes of it, he politely throws Gambini out of a nineteen storey window. With all of New York out to get him, Jimmy has no choice but to turn to the Feds, who move the Falcones to Regina, change their name to MacDougal, and teach them how to live like regular schnooks in the Great White North.


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