Feed the Geeks Ep. 13 – On the Ricks: The Missing Morty

Published on October 31, 2021

Episode Description:
Sorry for the delay! Episode 13 has Thirdy and Bayani discussing the end of Rick and Morty 5, Erik Matti’s On the Job movie/series on HBO Go and other great properties on the platform. Thirdy also confesses to the crime of watching a CAMRip of Shang-Chi and prays that the kino gods forgive him for his transgressions.
00:01:18 – Farewell, Norm Macdonald
00:03:18 – The Crazy Thing about Norm’s Death
00:03:59 – Production for Obi-Wan, The Boys 3, and Knives Out 2 have Wrapped
00:04:20 – How Star Wars can Shoot Mid-Pandemic
00:05:06 – The Boys 3
00:05:52 – A Segue into The Expanse
00:06:31 – Rian Johnson and Knives Out 2
00:11:13 – Netflix Animated Spinoffs, Bright: Samurai Soul and Blade Runner: Black Lotus
00:14:45 – Aquaman: King of Atlantis
00:15:27 – How is HBO GO Different from HBO Max?
00:16:56 – What’s Mare of Easttown? (NOTE: Not about Horses)

00:19:21 – Our Rick and Morty 5 Wrap-Up
00:25:40 – How Community Set the Stage for R and M

00:28:29 – What is the Hype Behind John Arcilla Right Now?
00:29:08 – Erik Matti’s On the Job
00:30:37 – What’s the Difference Between the Movie and the Series?
00:32:17 – What’s in On the Job: The Missing 8?
00:33:11 – Should You Show On the Job to Your DDS Family Members?
00:35:29 – Do People Really Say P*tang Ina that Much?

00:38:14 – Sex Education on Netflix and Why it’s AMAZING

00:42:48 – Thirdy’s Confession of Breaking Cinematic Pirate Code
00:44:05 – Thirdy’s Non-Spoiler Shang-Chi Thoughts
00:46:56 – How is Shang-Chi Connected to Iron Man?
00:48:31 – What Did Thirdy NOT Like about the Film?

00:49:19 – Hawkeye, Let’s Talk It
00:50:25 – Is Clint Going Deaf in the Series?

00:52:31 – Death Loop and Whatever the Gaming Word for Kino is
01:00:39 – NOBODY Normal Owns a PS5, Thirdy
01:01:09 – Scalpers, Based or Cringe?
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Episode Details:
Recorded On: Sept. 20, 2021
Guest Cameo: Pia Aguilos
Sound Editors: Feliciano Mondigo III, Bayani Miguel Acebedo
Editor: Bayani Miguel Acebedo
Graphic Designer: Bayani Miguel Acebedo

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