Evil Morty Theme on Guitar (For the Damaged Coda – Blonde Redhead)

Published on December 13, 2020

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Evil Morty’s theme is so perfectly fitting for the cold, calculated and sinister vibe that he gives off. I watched through the first 2 seasons of Rick and Morty in a quick few- hour Netflix binge earlier this year so I think the first time I missed the importance of the song, but after re-watching a couple of times, and with the end of Season 3, the theme was solidly stuck in my memory.

This was a really tough one to do, probably the toughest in a long time. I knew I wanted the piano to still be a main part of it but balancing how heavy it got with the lightness of the piano sections was so tough. I also found it really difficult to figure out how heavy I wanted it, I tried so many different ways of emphasising certain sections with guitars or pulling them back to just piano but I like how this turned, it felt like a nice balance between the two and I liked how aggressive it gets just before the end.

I also got new lights! If you follow me on Instagram I posted a clip of my new lights a few days ago. I like that I now have options when it comes to lighting so it might make for a more atmospheric, more professional video.

I would love to be able to play the piano as proficiently as the guitar but it was never an instrument I got too invested in. When I was 16/17, I would always go into the piano rooms at school during lunch and just mess around so I know a handful of sections of songs but nothing too extravagant, so in this all I’m playing is the start and end parts, the middle is all programmed in case any of you were wondering.

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