Evil Morty is The Key (Rick and Morty Theory) | Thing Theory Ep. 2

Published on October 15, 2021

[DEBUNKED UPDATE] I decided to debunk the theory since Season 3 Episode 1 kinda makes this theory fail and also made some errors as people caught them in the comments. And well since it is Rick and Morty, trying to piece the whole show together is like piecing 1 puzzle with 4 different sets. You can still watch it if you are curious what it was and also read some theories in the comments since they are pretty good.

Um Rick… Why does this Morty wear an Eye Patch? It’s really scaring me.

I’m not Rick but I’m gonna make a wild guess and say that this “Evil” Morty is Rick’s Original Morty. Welcome to Thing Theory where I discuss theories and put on my tin foil hat to over analyze simple things. This episode, we are back again with another Rick and Morty Theory talking about the mysterious Evil Morty!

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EDIT: I know there are people who said I stole someone else’s idea on reddit and I never came across any. i don’t use Reddit often and I never came across a theory where mine was similar to their idea. Anything I find that I used to help me, I ALWAYS put in the video description. I deeply apologize if anyone feels I have stolen something.

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The REAL Bird Person is still alive. Look: Rick asked the computer "How many planets in the Milky Way are at least 97% similar to Earth?" Pretty weak, Rick. There are billions of other galaxies out there and an INFINITE number of timelines to find a suitable place to live… from rickandmorty

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Evil Morty is The Key (Rick and Morty Theory) | Thing Theory Ep. 2

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