Every Rick & Morty Episode (Season 1) RANKED

Published on December 16, 2020

So after putting this off for 3 weeks, I’ve got a Rick and Morty video out for you all! As with my PPG video from last week, it’s another ranking video focusing on all 11 episodes from season one and listing them worst to best!

As with the PPG video, let me know what you think! I made a few last-minute editing mistakes so apologies for that, but I don’t think there were enough to warrant re-rendering the entire thing. :3

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This video is NOT an upload of Rick & Morty in its entirety. All of these clips are narrated over top of and edited so that I only need to show what is necessary for me to explain my critiques. This was made for the purpose of criticism & discussion and is considered Fair Use under YouTube & Federal Copyright Law. Please support the official releases.

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