Every Rick And Morty Universe Ranked From Worst To Best

Published on December 28, 2019

All The Weird Worlds And Dimensions of Rick & Morty Ranked From Worst To Best

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When you have a Portal Gun that can allow you to slip not only wherever you want in our universe but wherever you want in the multiverse, you’re bound to find some crazy stuff. There are some weird dimensions just off the dial from us and it’s not just because of the shows on the Interdimensional Cable. Rick & Morty features a literally endless series of worlds and alternate realities for the two title characters and other members of the Smith family to travel to. Some of those places are almost exactly like ours and some of them are completely bananas. It’s virtually a lock that one is literally just made up completely of bananas. There are some dimensions that have a special significance in the Rick & Morty story, where something happened that they had to deal with or they went to deal with that make them stand out. Whether it’s going form the Microverse to the Miniverse to the Teenyverse to power Rick’s ship, or tripping out of the Central Finite Curve to go to the Citadel to confront the Council of Ricks, there are a lot of worlds that Rick travels through. Even ones he made himself like his car battery or Froopyland he made for his daughter Beth. Creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon have made a multifaceted multiverse with Cronenberg monsters, intense marriage counselors, and a Jerryboree to put your Jerry when he stows away. Let’s rank the most important dimensions in Rick & Morty.


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