Disenchantment – BeanHo – Every Clip Bean Says HO!

Published on November 28, 2021

I compiled a short video with all the moments bean said ‘ho’. If I missed one or more, please tell me in the comments and I will upload a fixed version.

Funny how she calls everyone a Ho, but your mom isn’t in it.

Credits and all rights reserved to the creators (short clips, not a full episode):
Matt Groening (Netflix)

Clips taken (in order):
S1E1 32:40
S1E1 8:34
S1E8 24:22
S1E8 6:16
S2E1 10:00
S2E1 27:56
S2E2 16:07
S2E6 1:23
S2E6 10:44
S2E9 17:24
S2E9 20:00
S2E9 3:50

Honorable Mentions (at the end):
S2E1 7:31
S2E2 12:10

Last Clip:
S1E6 15:05
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Recorded using: OBS
Edited using: Windows Photos (Cause why not)

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