Derek: Dreamland's Secret Weapon? | A Disenchantment Theory

Published on December 3, 2021

What connects Disenchantment, Bertolt Brecht, and Shakesperean Theatre? And how does it point to Prince Derek’s future in Disenchantment? Today we’re finding out.

This one’s a bit messy, but I wanted to start covering Disenchantment on the channel. In competing this video, many other (more fully formed) Disenchantment video ideas occurred to me – so stick around if you’re interested!

0:00 Introduction
1:19 Disenchantment’s Voice Cast
2:47 Multiroling: Brecht and Shakespeare
4:36 Beanie Get Your Gun
6:33 A Midsummer Night’s Bean
8:16 The Theory!
9:16 Outro

Footage from Shakespeare’s Globe:

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