CLOSED Re-Animation Steven Universe the movie MAP system/boot.pearl (26/33 Done) waiting 4 parts

Published on June 28, 2020

CLOSED Re-Animation Steven Universe the movie MAP system/boot.pearl all parts completed
Hello and thank you for considering to join my Steven Universe the movie Re-Animation MAP! Please read the rules carefully before you pick your part.

Edit: The map has finally been finished, here’s the link!
Thanks so much to everyone who joined.

1- You need to have some experience with animation, this MAP is not for beginners, sorry. Don’t worry, I’m not too picky, but I will look at your YouTube channel before I decide if you will be in my MAP.

2-This is a -Re-Animation- Map, which means that you have to copy the scene that you choose, but don’t trace or copy it frame by frame. It does NOT have to be scene for scene exactly the same, you can add a little touch of your artistic flare to it if you want. πŸ™‚

3- !!very important!! In this MAP, you need to animate the Steven Universe characters as animals! That’s the theme. like for example, you can make pearl a bird or ruby an elephant or something, whatever you think fits best! But you need to make these anthropomorphic Steven Universe characters look recognisable! Also you *need* to draw the background!! Use reference from the original part. And you need to copy the colour pallet from the original scene.

4- The deadline is November 27th, but if you are like, 99% done or something, send me proof (The w.i.p.) at [email protected] and I’ll extend your time by a week or so.
Don’t take a part unless you are very sure you can finish it. If you don’t finish, you’ll be kicked out of the MAP and replaced by a backup. Please don’t be upset if you are kicked out. If you have read -everything- comment β€œsomething is clearly wrong” along with the part you want.

5- No watermarks, don’t add your name to your animation, I’ll do it for you. All forms of animation are welcome, like stop motion, hand drawn, digital, ect. You can use FlipaClip, as long as you’re good at it, and you do not include a watermark. Thanks!

6-When you have finished your part, comment down below, and put the video on your YouTube channel and/or comment me a link to it. You can animate one to two parts. Thanks very much!
WIP seen-🌺

Part 1: Hi it’s me Valen πŸ’–
Part 2: Hi it’s me Valen πŸ’–
Part 3: Amber Star πŸ’–
Part 4: green dragon vigil and Ironyche πŸ’–
Part 5: Cute Clover πŸ’–
Part 6: αƒ¦γƒŸγƒ«γ‚―γ‚»γƒΌγ‚­γ‚€γƒγ‚΄ ღ πŸ’–
Part 7: Amber Star πŸ’–
Part 8: (mine) πŸ’–
Part 9: Moonlight Mango πŸ’–
Part 10: sTone foresT πŸ’–
Part 11: Nova Blue The Dragon OwO πŸ’–
Part 12: Chloe Skinner πŸ’–
Part 13: Tama 1313 πŸ’–
Part 14: Cute Clover πŸ’–
Part 15: Ramunebear πŸ’–
Part 16: Rosario Barletta πŸ’–
Part 17: green dragon vigil πŸ’–
Part 18: greater stacks
Part 19: SolarPunch33 πŸ’–
Part 20: ღHello kitty 75ღ πŸ’–
Part 21: Holowishus πŸ’–
Part 22: Blue paws studio or loop noodle πŸ’–
Part 23: (mine) πŸ’–
Part 24: VinΓ­ Animations πŸ’–
Part 25: Peachy Rose πŸ’–
Part 26: Peachy Rose πŸ’–
Part 27: ethorΓ©x πŸ’–
Part 28: ethorΓ©x πŸ’–
Part 29: VinΓ­ Animations πŸ’–
Part 30: αƒ¦γƒŸγƒ«γ‚―γ‚»γƒΌγ‚­γ‚€γƒγ‚΄ ღ πŸ’–
Part 31: SolarPunch33 πŸ’–
Part 32: (mine) πŸ’–
Part 33: Kayla the Powerpuff Girl Rules 2009 πŸ’–

MoonLight The Night- Rainwing
Peachy Rose

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