CLICK CRATES – MEGA BOX 6.0 (recorded from Twitch Live stream)

Published on August 28, 2022

Hey guys and gals, Thank you so much so watching my video.

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I am truly humbled by the people who take time out to watch me be an idiot and open boxes.

To see what items I have for sale on my Ebay page simply follow this link and enjoy

If you are in interested in the Chilling Screams live stream that we do on the 1st Wedenesday of the month, and fancy getting this for yourselves then I have the perfect gift for you. If you sign up using my link – then you can earn yourself £10 for doing so.

As mentioned in some of my videos, I am trying to expand the content that I am producing however this is becoming increasingly expensive.
I have discovered a box called ‘The worlds finest’, and what this is, is a collection of DC themed items in a box and costs $75 to import to the UK.
The box is a quarterly box which means it is created every 3 months throughout the year and have had some phenomenal items in it in the past.

If you want to send me some creator love. You can buy me a coffee in the link below, this is a little website that allows people to show their appreciation to my channel and help in any way possible.

All my Socials are Solidsnake2662

If you would like to get in contact my email address

The links below are where I go to sign up for my boxes and with some of them, clicking these links will get you a special introductory price, and will also allow me to benefit from a rewards scheme so I can bring you more and more exciting content in the future!!!





Once again thank you so much for your support and kind words and will see you again soon with more videos

Much love x

Music that appears in the video was downloaded and approved by Youtube in their amazing music section.

Camera – Canon M50 with standard kit lense

Mic – Yeti Blue

Edited on – Davinci Resolve

Shelving in Background – GERSBY from ikea

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