BoJack Horseman – Season 6 – Part B – Trailer Reaction!

Published on December 3, 2021

Here I FINALLY am for our discussion about this incredibly awesome trailer. If you were around for the first part of season six, you probably already know how this video works: I turn on the camera, say a few things, press play on the trailer for the first time and see what catches my eye. After that, I try to analyze it a little bit better, coming up with the craziest theories possible. Heads up: I suck at that and I probably will find out that I got all of them wrong when the season is released on January 31st but, hey, at least I had a great time guessing. You’re probably gonna catch this from my enthusiasm, but let me say it here too: I LOVED the trailer. It was so much better than the depressing tone I was expecting, but hey, friendly reminder that the Season 4 trailer was also super fun and then we got one of the darkest seasons ever so maybe we’re being fooled here??? All I know is that I CANNOT WAIT for these final eight episodes and thank God I got your messages and this community to keep me busy until there because now I’m feeling my anxiety getting super high, like if with the trailer being released, we were thrown into the rollercoaster that is the launch of a new season of BoJack Horseman. Are we going to get out alive of that ride? Who knows?? Life is meaningless! Anyway, I mentioned that on my stories but, I came straight from LA where I attended the WGA Writers event (everything about that to come soon!) to work and to this trailer + this video so that means I just completed 20 hours awake!! TL;DR: I need to sleep. In the meantime, let me know your favorite moments of this trailer, the crazy conspiracy theories already fermenting inside your head and your reactions to my reaction video in this endless loop of people watching other people watching stuff (!!). #bojackhorseman #bojackhorsemanseason6

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