Birdperson Song – Rick and Morty Karaoke

Published on December 11, 2020

Here’s a karaoke version of “Birdperson Song” from Rick and Morty. Like you’d see on a karaoke machine, with scrolling lyrics and all that.
From the episode ‘Never Ricking Morty’.

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For this instrumental I removed the centre channel (mostly dialogue) from the 5.1 mix, and added a bit of reverb to the end since it ends with a smash cut in the episode. You can download it here if you want to use it for a cover or something like that:!nRVEhbxT!56X-yV3of-x5QbgFPorDEQ!3UUn2IAK

The font I used for the karaoke text comes is a copy of the credits font (Justin Roiland’s handwriting) made by Morangatang on reddit. You can find it here:

I made a font based on the credits (Justin’s handwriting) that you can download for free. The Uppercase letters are accurate traces, the lowercase letters are freehand. from rickandmorty

How I made this video (“Content Quality” notes):
This is a karaoke video I’ve made based on a song from Rick and Morty. I’ve put together an instrumental version of the song (either with high-effort editing, or a cover instrumental), and made a lyric video with prompts to help the viewer sing along with the backing music. Each one of these videos can take hours to make, depending on the duration of the song. I have styled the video so that it appears to be similar to the style of the show the music is from. There is a clip of the original media where the song comes from in the background, but it has been distorted to the degree that it is not watchable as an alternative to the original media. It is only included as a vague reminder of the general context of the song in question. This should be considered ‘high quality editing’ at the bare minimum.

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