Beth and Jerry: True Love or Fear of Loneliness – Rick and Morty Character Studies

Published on August 4, 2022

But-but-but what about Sleepy Gary?

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The video clips showed is from Rick and Morty, an adult cartoon owned by Adult Swim and the creators of Rick and Morty

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So I thought I’d tackle Beth and Jerry’s relationship status and see if it was true love or the fear of loneliness. Obviously it isn’t specifically those two options but I have character limitation for titles. Anyways, this was my take on their relationship because at the end of Season 3 we were given that Season 1 vibe back to it and I must say, i’m not too mad at all. I hope you enjoy this Grade 9 Video Essay!

True Love or Fear of Loneliness: Beth and Jerry – Rick and Morty Study

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