25 Rick And Morty Fan Theories That Will Make You Get Schwifty

Published on January 16, 2020

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Rick and Morty is one of the best beloved shows out there, and the fan theories surrounding it are some of the most creative and mind blowing you’ve ever seen. Some wonder if Rick is not actually from this timeline, while others argue that he never actually left Beth those twenty years ago, instead erasing the family’s memories of him. Fans speculate that Beth’s mom is actually the hive mind Unity, and even more wonder if Rick’s ex-wife might be Ms Frizzle from The Magic Schoolbus! Could Rick’s mission to be to find Beth’s mom amidst the chaos of the universe, and is it possible that Rick is actually Morty’s father? Theories about Tammy question if she might actually be a long lost granddaughter, and put together pieces about how she came to be on Rick’s tail as a Federation agent. Is Rick as smart as he is because of Megaseed juice kept in his flask, and regardless of why, does he actually know he’s on television? Some fans wonder if Rick and Jerry are still trapped in a simulation, and others think that everyone could be trapped in the latest version of Roy. Jerry might not be the Jerry we think we know, and Morty might not be the original version either! Could Rick have been planning to kill Morty in case he went evil, and was the Citadel of Ricks actually formed to keep Evil Morty in check? It’s possible that every week is a different pair of Ricks and Mortys, and might also be true that all Morty’s eventually grow into Ricks. Some wonder if Rick could be a metaphor for depression, or possibly God, or even an examination of consciousness itself, and some think he might just be immortal. Could Noob Noob actually be a heroic helicopter pilot, and is Mr Poopybutthole actually a parasite after all? And after all of this speculation, is Rick and Morty actually just all about ice cream? Ranging from sensibly thought out to wildly speculative, these theories are one wild ride.

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