200 – Dreamland | A piano piece inspired by Disenchantment

Published on April 25, 2022

Hi, just wanted to make something special for my 200th track.
So, here is a piano piece reminiscent of Disenchantment’s OST.

I finished watching Matt Groening’s show on Netflix some days ago and decided to try and make a simple solo piano piece, similar to the one playing at the end credits of Episode 9 in Season 2 (or Part 2) for learning reasons.
(created by Mark Mothersbaugh btw)
Though, I didn’t want it to sound like a complete rip-off so I tried a few things to make the melody go around. It also ended up being 3 times as long as the original…but my university friends still thought it was a rip-off :p
Besides, I still don’t have enough music theory knowledge to be able to accurately judge the pieces I make so…feedback is appreciated, as always, but in-depth constructive criticism even more.

Oh, did I mention this one is free for download too?
Yeees, haha, here is the link: https://danixks.bandcamp.com/track/dreamland-200

Anyway, for my closer followers, first of all, thanks for 6.000 subscribers!
If you are wondering what is happening with the other projects…well, the Trackmania 100k project is still in progress, Ghost is still in progress, Push on the Gas is still aging like fine wine and Dodeca…well, i’m mostly working on the story and the soundtrack (which is part of the reason why there are huge gaps in the numbers on the names of the tracks that i’ve released, #95, #127, #155, #200).
I will try to keep up the pace though with at least one video every 1-2 months.
2020 might be a year full of surprises :p

Alright, this is it then!
Cya in the comments

P.S. Do you like the blinking? 😀 hehe

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