20 American Dad Moments That Are NOT For Kids

Published on November 25, 2021

American Dad isn’t known for being the most kid-friendly show, but these moments really cross the line! Subscribe to our channel: http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

When you have a show from the creators of Family Guy, you know the animation, story, and writing will really push the limits when it comes to adult content. Welcome to the world of American Dad. The All-American family often finds themselves in all types of crazy situations and the colorful animation is nothing you want to show any children in your life. Get ready to enjoy a huge collection of moments and scenes which pushed the limits of the show and should be for adult viewing only.

A lot of these scenes feature the alien character Roger, who says what he wants and often finds himself in some pretty outlandish situations. Despite loving the family he lives with, he once tried to kill them all. He also competed with Haley over the affections of another man. Thanks to the animation, there are a number of visual hidden throughout the show, including signs and book covers. Many crazy scenes also take place at restaurants. Stan confronts a watier and Roger gets offended when his fancy order is not complemented like he think it should be. A waterslide trip turns into a crazy stunt no couple should ever try! Steve has the dream of going to Clown school, but things don’t go exactly as planned once he starts class. These moments may be broadcast on Tv , but they are the stuff you DO NOT want your children watching. Watch to see them all highlighted together and showcase some of the best of American Dad.

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