10 Things You Didn't Know About Evil Morty

Published on December 30, 2019

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Recently on Rick and Morty we got to see the shows Evil Morty work his way into controlling the Citadel. He was able to get narrowly elected based on his promises of bringing peace between the Ricks and Mortys and then upon election proceeded to kill all of the council that would undermine his power. This is a pretty big deal as it means that an organisation that was already pretty awful is now being helmed by an out and out evil genius.

Now that he’s the leader of an out and out dictatorship, we’re going to be looking at some of the facts you did know about Evil Morty, and some of the ones you didn’t, as well as poking into some popular fan theories that may hold some secrets about the villain’s origins. For example, did you know that there’s a good chance that he might be Rick’s original Morty? When Rick is seeing crying over a Morty, it couldn’t possibly be our Morty seeing as Rick was supposed to be absent throughout all of Morty’s life.

What about the possibility that Evil Morty is actually a Rick, who has swapped his brain around with his own Morty in order to covertly plot his evil plans. It makes sense considering there is one incredibly dumb Doofus Rick who doesn’t seem to be aware of much of anything. Could it be possible that he was originally a Morty who has had his memory wiped? We’re going to be looking at these and many more today.

The Origins of This Theme | 0:50
His Intelligence | 1:35
Trump Prallels | 2:16
Parallels With Our Morty | 2:56
He Might Be A Rick | 3:35
Dumb Rick Is A Morty | 4:13
His Actor Isn’t Credited | 4:45
He Has Taken Full Control Of The Citadel | 5:25
He Might Be Rick’s Original Morty | 6:05
He Controls His Own Rick | 6:45

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