10 Things That WILL Happen In Rick and Morty Season 4!

Published on August 20, 2022

Our list of the Top 10 Things That WILL Happen In Rick and Morty Season 4! ** Spoiler Alter ** As we round the corner on Rick and Morty Season 3 with the last episode airing this coming weekend. With Rick and Morty Season 3 wrapping up this weekend, we’ve decided to rack our brains with all the best theories for Rick and Morty Season 4!

The show has gotten a bit darker with hints at the show going even further into the darkness in season 4. So we wanted to take a look at some things we hope will happen in the future for Rick and Morty in their 4th season next year. And make sure you subscribe to our channel our hit the little notification bell or La Solenya will be coming for you!

0:18 Morty and Jessica Hook Up
1:59 Jerry and Beth Get Back Together
3:26 Flashback Rick, Sqaunhy and Birdperson
4:38 Pheonix Person Rising
5:42 Mr. Poopybutthole Returns
6:48 Morty and Summer Solo Mission
7:58 Beth’s Father Daughter Adventure
9:14 The Return pf Inter Dimensional Cable
10:29 Evil Morty’s Plan Revealed
11:54 Rick and Evil Morty Showdown

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