10 Rick And Morty Revelations About Season 4

Published on May 10, 2022

Season 4 Secrets for Rick & Morty.
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Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon’s runaway Adult Swim hit Rick & Morty is finally set to return with its fourth season in November. In a show that has mastered being unexpected there are some things that we can expect from the upcoming season. While Roiland and Harmon tend not to give away spoilers for their cult hit series, in interviews and promotional screenings we have gotten some hints of things to expect. There are some familiar things set to return, like the Meeseeks and Evil Morty as well as tweaks to the show that are a result of the shows massive seventy episode order that has given the creators not only the freedom to not worry about each season, but also know that they have plenty of episodes to resolve story threads. Old friends on the screen are not the only old friends that will be joining the show, but also co-creator Dan Harmon’s old friends like long time collaborator Rob Schrab or celebrity voice friends including Taika Waititi. There are also some mysteries that stands to be answered like why are they helping Summer run off with that baby Cthulhu. Regardless of what we can expect, it’s a cinch that it will be dealt with in an unexpected way. Let’s take a look at what we know about the upcoming season of Rick & Morty.


Entry 1 – You
Entry 2 – Rob Schrab
Entry 3 – Cthulhu
Entry 4 – Bigger Guests
Entry 5 – Evil Morty
Entry 6 – More Episodes
Entry 7 – Interdimensional Cable
Entry 8 – Serialized Content
Entry 9 – Meeseeks
Entry 10 – Breaking the Circle


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